waiterAttitude is what opens doors in the hospitality industry. Experience is what keeps people there.

Our staff is literally the face of our business and represents the company. First impressions will set the mood and consequently the success of the occasion.

We are looking for people who love people, have a great smile, are friendly and make a positive impression with guests. True people-persons! You can learn serving skills, but you can’t train personality. We will fully train applicants that meet requirements.

As a primary or secondary employment, working with SERVERS AND SHAKERS has distinct advantages.
  1. The hours are fairly flexible. If you have a full-time career or go to school during the day, you can pick a night schedule. If you want to free some evenings there are breakfast/lunch opportunities.
  2. Serving experience is completely portable, allowing you to work in many areas of hospitality around the world. 
  3. A much higher wage than the minimum paid by most restaurants and hospitality businesses. 
  4. A good server is always in demand, and never more so than with SERVERS AND SHAKERS.
Learn to work in a team environment and as a responsible independent. As a result, you will develop confidence and transferable skills that are needed in every facet of work and life. Communication and decision-making skills are invaluable.

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