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  • We were very impressed with the service provided by Servers and Shakers. Both professionals at our event were fantastic, and made the evening effortless for us.

    Sue H.
  • Loved working with Servers and Shakers. The booking process was easy and seamless, and the staff was on point - courteous, well-mannered and very professional. Such professionalism is very much appreciated and valued in the wedding and event industry. We will definitely be using their service again for our future events.

    Art of Celebrations
  • What a fabulous team of professionals. I have hired Severs and Shakers several times in the last five years. I can enjoy visiting with my guests and at the end of the day, sit back and relax. They take care of set-up, help with preparations and best of all clean up. They definitely contribute to the success of the event.

    Erin C.
  • Our bartender was extremely pleasant, as well as creative and fun. She served each guest, young or old, professionally and courteously. We'd have her back in a heartbeat.

    Laura H.
  • Servers & Shakers were excellent. Our server came to our party and knew exactly what to do. Her experience clearly showed. She even corralled the group of 50 together for a group shot, which was no easy feat.

    Arun K.
  • A big thanks to Servers and Shakers who were quick to respond and organize a server for our luncheon. Our server was wonderful! She took charge and helped made this a relaxing time for me and fun for our all guests!

    Louise D.

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As well as major fashion houses, film and TV studios, banquet halls and restaurants.

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